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I wanted to be in touch with those of you who have so deeply understood and appreciated what I have tried to accomplish Jewishly through my work. Not long ago I was asked to articulate my creative vision. I’ll paste below what I wrote. It also explains a current dilemma – how to actualize the swarm of new pieces and projects teeming in my feverish little mind.

It occurred to me that it would be very helpful to put together at least a minyan of folks willing to commit in advance to the items I’d produce. These would be small edition, signed prints, books, objects. Each would include a written description to help understand and share it.

As a Minyanaire, you would commit to acquiring works at 50% off the opening price. I would try to produce about three or four of these installments each year. Most of my items of this nature tend to open in the range of $200-$400 for prints (based on size and amount of hand work) and up to about $700 to $800 for limited edition books and objects. The half price costs to you would not go above $400 per installment, or a maximum of $1,600 per year. Perhaps occasionally something more special would be offered. Each work will contain the Jewish meaning, spark of creativity, and aesthetic values I seek to imbue all my works with.

Payment would be only one installment at a time. When one is near completion, we’d just let you know it’s ready.

Here’s a partial list of the current works in progress or projects that could be candidates:

  • My Daily Bike Route Map: A Personal Ride through Jerusalem in Words and Images.
  • The Uniqueness of the Letters: Twenty-Two Abstracted Contemporary Graphic Collages Examining the Distinctiveness of each Hebrew Letter.
  • Sefirat haOmer: Forty Nine Abstract Geometric Interpretations of the Counting.
  • White on White. A Paper Sculpted Alphabet
  • Pushkes of Power: A set of Zeddakah Boxes based on the Values of Giving.
  • To-Fill-In Tefillin: A Set of Prints of Funky Images based on Tefillin.
  • Mizrach Print. A Traditional Interpretation.
  • Animural Print. A Silhouette March of the Kosher and Treif.
  • El Adon Artist Book: The Glory of the Universe.
  • A Jewish Emblem Book.
  • The Meaning of the Letters: A Wild Little Book Collaboration in Cartoon Style.
  • Megatron: Large Op Art Graphic Letters.
  • Seven Times Seven: Forty-Nine Menorot for the Omer.
  • The Original Hebrew Alphabet. A Contemporary, Graphic Interpretation in Menorah Form.
  • Hakarat Hatov: An Interactive Piece for Recognizing and Expressing Gratitude.
  • Pitchu Li: A Papercut Artist Book.
  • Like Clay in the Hands of the Potter: A Collaboration of Calligraphy and Mezzotints.
  • Ashet Chayil: An Accordion Bouquet of Flowers for the Shabbat Table.
  • The Psalms of Ascent: A Mini Matchbox Library.

So you can see, the variety, media, styles are pretty broad. I’m not visualizing this as just a series of individual art pieces, but more as an extended, artistic download from my mind, heart and hands to yours.

It is way for you to assemble an important collection of work at very fair prices. It will allow me to concentrate on the creating of the pieces and provide a reliable start for funding each edition. As limited, signed editions the works should increase nicely in value. All the works would be very appropriate for personal collections, for libraries, museums, schools or synagogues. Keep the items you love. Gift the others to dear ones or donate them to your shul or school. You’re getting the items at half the opening price so the fair market tax deduction just might fund the whole collection.

Minyaires will also be entitled to order current and future Bet Alpha works at a nice discount (25% for almost all items). Great for gifts etc.

If you’re interested, please contact me so I can count you in the minyan.

B’vracha, David