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Seeing Ourselves in the Picture

A limited edition print called Historical Reflections. Illuminates the Haggadah text and central theme of Passover:

In every generation a person must see himself as if he personally came out of Egypt.

Jews dressing in typical garb of each generation see themselves in hand applied mirrors. We, as viewers, see ourselves among all the generations.

Historical Reflections Print

This 16” x 20” image is printed just as in the Song of David Facsimile Haggadah, and contains images of historical Jews through the ages. When the haggadah is closed, all the Jews are is looking at themselves in the mirror opposite. As the haggadah opens, each individual begins to contemplate each other, their historical and future selves. When the book is open, you, the participant, are contemplating your self in the mirrors and truly seeing yourselves among all the generations of Jewish history. The mirrors are hand applied and are reflective. This image is the full double opening, as in the original haggadah. It is a limited edition of 500 copies, signed by David Moss.

Price: $300 + SHIPPING.