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TheGarden of Jewish Exploration

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I have long dreamed of creating a beautiful garden in Israel where visitors can confront, explore and interact with our most basic Jewish values through experiential, creative and aesthetic encounters. I now have fleshed out this vision in a presentation with examples, models, drawings and text. A remarkable, dynamic group of individuals in Israel and America has coalesced around this concept to help bring it to reality.


Join us in imagining a place.

A place that has never been, but a place that we know can be. A place precisely for our time.

Join us in imagining a place where the precious treasures of three thousand years of Jewish life wisdom are gathered and shared.
Here we will present
Neither objects nor history,
Neither art nor artifacts,
But here we will share our most essential ideas, the very values that have made us what we are, the values we have always both embraced and resisted.

The place we ask you to imagine will reach below, beyond and above the things that divide us and plunge straight for the essence of who we are and what unites us—our core, eternal, Jewish values: Chessed, Ahavah, Torah, Shalom, Kedusha, Tzeddekah, Tikkun, Mishpat, Tefillah and many others. By focusing on these deep fundamental principles, this place will open a new dialogue of purpose for our people.

These timeless values have traditionally been passed down through the written word. But now, the turns of contemporary history and culture have left these literary treasures of the spirit remote or inaccessible to many.

The place we envision will translate these treasures into a brand new language—one that everyone can comprehend. It is a language of direct physical experience and encounter, one that merges creativity with engagement and uses a powerful new vocabulary of aesthetics, art, graphics, sculpture, architecture, music, film, landscaping and interactive digital media. It is a language that will engage the eye and the ear, the heart and mind, the soul and the imagination.

Judaism views the individual as the culmination of creation. Every person is granted free will to explore, discover and develop a virtually unlimited potential. Our design therefore places each individual visitor at the very center of the entire experience.

The place we imagine will be a luscious, rich garden of unexpected delights, thought provoking challenges, and meaningful experiences imaginatively and artfully designed to encourage visitors to ponder, explore and confront their own precious individual potential.

All concepts, designs, texts, images, models and drawings are proprietary and owned by David Moss. They may not be used or shared without written permission.
© 2011 David Moss

Funds for part of the development of this project were provided by The Jewish World, a not-for profit corporation.

Imagine something beautiful beyond words. Imagine something ineffably profound. Imagine an experience that encompasses both the beauties of nature and the profundity of Jewish wisdom and values. David Moss has imagined a Garden of Exploration…something beautiful, something profound, something deeply Jewish and deeply human. It is a project of breathtaking scope and creative genius.

Rabbi Marc D. Angel, Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Shearith Israel, The Spanish Portugese Synagogue, New York City
Past President, Rabbinical Council of America
Founder and Director, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals

On the rarest of occasions, one hears of a project that is truly innovative, and that has the capacity to open up people’s minds and hearts alike. David Moss’ new vision is one of these rare such projects, and if he, and his supporters, succeed in carrying it out, it will be an immense contribution to the Jewish and non-Jewish world alike. If you are offered the opportunity to help bring this project into fruition, know that you will be doing something transformative. Of how many works can that be said.

Joseph Telushkin, Author

Although much of Judaism is clearly articulated in the written and oral traditions,even these do not adequately transmit the rich, multifarious experience of its essence. David Moss, with his wisdom and skill, has conceived of a project that not only illuminates its wider deeper communal, religious , spiritual and culture, but the garden also allows each individual to feel Judaism’s relevance to him or herself…

Lord Andrew Stone, Baron of Blackheath
Member of Parliament

This vision offers the possibility of a truly new and revolutionary ‘path of access’ to Jewish spiritual concepts—’revelation’ is not too strong a word. It offers a completely new way of understanding and experiencing Judaism. I am sure that if the ‘Garden’ becomes a reality, it will be famous throughout the Jewish world, the architectural world and beyond, as a truly innovate exercise in spiritual education and spacial experience.

Paul Shaviv
Former Director of Education, Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto
Current Head of School, Ramaz, New York City

David Moss has taken a vision and is creating a world. A world where inspirational ideas can become reality as we explore every dimension of our Jewish selves. The multiple perspectives and access points will enable visitors from across the Jewish spectrum and from around the Jewish world to find relevance and meaning. Whether you are from Beersheva, Britain or Belarus, and whether you are Orthodox, Reform, or secular, the interactive installations transcend “labels” and will enable all to engage.

Dr. Helena Miller
Director of Research and Evaluation, United Jewish Israel Appeal
Co-chair, Limmud International

2012 Winner of the Max M. Fisher Prize for Jewish Education in the Diaspora

Hearing about David Moss’ Garden of Jewish Exploration is so mind expanding that imaging the real thing seems like fantasy. But that’s David’s magic, bringing revelations of Jewish creativity from heaven to earth. I’m looking forward to playing in the Garden one day very soon…

Ahron Horwitz
Co-founder and director, PresenTense Group
Co-founder, PresenTense Institute