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The Magical Letters of the Angel Metatron

A limited edition portfolio of twenty-two powerful, hand colored serigraphs based on an ancient Jewish Magical Alphabet. Housed in a plexiglass case which also serves as a frame.

A Deluxe version which displays any three-letter Hebrew root word is also available.

Large, hand-made and printed letters of the regular Hebew alphabet in the same bold graphic style are also being created.

The Alphabet of The Angel Metatron

The Alphabet of the Angel Metatron is a folio of 23 hand-colored serigraphs inspired by the crytpo-Hebrew letters created in the first century CE and used for Jewish magic. The prints are packaged in a black and clear Acrylic box, which allows the letters to be selectively presented, and the box can be wall mounted.

The prints are on 300 gr. Arches paper, limited to 130 exemplars, numbered and signed.
The regular edition consists of one set of prints.

We offer a deluxe set consisting of two specially numbered sets in three boxes. All Hebrew root words can be made with only three letters, only two of which repeat, so with this set all root words can be displayed.

Regular edition comprises one set of 22 prints with a frame/holder. $1,000 + shipping.
Deluxe edition comprises two sets of 22 prints each and 3 frames/holders. $1,900 + shipping.

Megatron Letters

I realized that the bold graphic designs that I created for my portfolio of 22 prints, entitled The Alphabet of the Angel Metatron, would work beautifully on a much larger scale. I used the same elements as the Metatron letters, the concentric double disks in primary colors for the “eyes” of the letters, the powerful, parallel black and white stripes that form the interconnections and the flat black backgrounds, but this time I based the letters on the regular Hebrew alphabet rather than the esoteric Metatron letters.

I have been working through the entire alphabet, creating a very large original acrylic painting for each letter. These images have been turned into stunning, high-quality giclee prints. The high contrast and deep saturated colors work beautifully in these prints. We will be offering a small number of portfolios of the entire alphabet in one or two formats; tentatively we’re considering 35” x 23” and 23” x 16”

Prints of individual letters will also be available. These will make wonderful sets for homes or organizations. The letters could be selected to spell out family names, initials, monograms, or names of organizations. If the letters of a first name were selected these would make very lovely gifts for new babies or B’nai Mitzvah children. A meaningful three-letter Hebrew root or word could be chosen to highlight a Jewish concept or value, such as shalom, tzedakah, chessed, tikkun.